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The Wasp Factory Book Cover

Cover design concept for Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory, a novel the Irish Times called “a work of unparalelled deparavity.” The nature of the book is reflected in the color scheme which uses shades of green and yellow meant to evoke a certain sense of unease. Red rounds out the scheme to direct the viewer and create rhythm. The wasp’s markings are a reference to the clock that functions as the eponymous Wasp Factory in the novel, while the broken stinger functions as a focal point and another clue to the story’s themes. Featured in the student gallery.

US 20 Dollar Redesign

This revamp of the American 20 dollar bill showcases the long, multifaceted history of the US. The backside features a number of visuals including the American flag, the Civil War, the March on Washington, and a rocket launch, that create a more comprehensive look at the nation. Bright colors are used to give the currency a more artful, impactful look, but divided to keep from becoming overwhelming. Featured in the student gallery.

End of Summer Party Invitation

What better way to celebrate summer than with icecream? The precision cut cones served as invitations to the Lamb Branch's end of summer party, where teens celebrated the success of their summer reading program. That year's program was "Build a Better World", so the cone and icecream were colored and shaped to resemble a tree.

Frightened Rabbit Album Covers

These album covers for band Frightened Rabbit, both use the same illustration style and similar layouts and muted colors to create a cohesive look across the two. Both illustrations also provide dual representations, with the Winter’s toothpicks forming a snowflake, and the cave in Loneliness doubling as an open mouth.

Local Learners Posters

These posters were created for a series of classes offered at a local library. The sugar scrubs' fun and fruity essence is reflected in this poster's bright, stylized illustration. The design for the cheese flyer used a layout based on repitition and the rule of thirds along with bright tones and illustrations to grab potentional attendees' attention and let them know what a fun time they'd have at this local cheesemaking class.

AWOLNation Lyric Poster

Created to advertise a fictional performance by rock band AWOLNation, the poster features an abstract illustration composed of the lyrics from the band’s single “Kill Your Heroes”. The illustration is modeled to evoke a splatter effect, which combined with the bright red color, gives the poster a sense of vitality.


A typographic celebration of Elphaba, The Wicked Witch of the West from Gregory Maguire’s Wicked. Each letter is carefully placed to form a witch's hat, with the character's name taking focus as the brim.

Book Covers of the Month - 8/29/19

This book is a fantastic read, and I'm so glad it got a cover that did it justice. Jarrod Taylor's design truly reflects on story within, from the 50s pulp style to the spooky tentacles doubling as Klansmen which perfectly captures the book's use of racism as horror.